Two projects are current within the Remembrance Full of Life organization:

Street Full of Life

Youth Remembrance Full of Life

Past projects

Street Full of Life

A new memorial has been realized "Street Full of Life" in the heart of Amsterdam. In front of the houses where the deported people lived and had their ordinary lives. But never returned after the war. We symbolically gave these people a face again.

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Youth Remembrance Full of Life

We are looking for Dutch youth between 18-26 years old to join German youth in a conversation about a new way of commemoration on Friday, Jan. 27. Perhaps a joint commemoration. How do people think about this? How do young people think about remembrance today? Seventy-eight years after the liberation in 1945. How do they think it should be remembered and why? What significance does commemoration have in 2023 and in the future? This is what we want to discuss with Dutch and German youth on Jan. 27, 2023. Jan. 27 is the International Day of Holocaust Remembrance. We are looking for Dutch students who want to join us in discussing the meaning of commemoration and whether it is possible to commemorate together. Will you participate?

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Past projects

The commemoration honorable life has been the inspiration and source for the following projects:

- Remembrance Full of Life with Youth

- Commemorating Full Life Hannie Schaft with family

- Rethinking Full of Life with Minerva Students

Remembrance Full of Life with Youth

A commemoration with group 8 of an elementary school from Elst. On a cold day, all eighth-graders came from Elst Gelderland to the National Field of Honor Loenen where, using the Field of Honor Full of Life, they learned in a simple way to give meaning to Peace and War. Who war victims are and how to symbolically give them a place and presence.

Commemorating Full Life Hannie Schaft with family

On the Field of Honor in Bloemendaal in the dunes is a field of honor where only resistance fighters are buried. Mostly because they were shot in those very dunes because they were betrayed or captured. Often they were young students. One woman Hannie Schaft lies there. We invited her uncle to go on a Remembrance Full of Life experience. It did him an awful lot. Of course he knows the story of his niece but by actually seeing someone of that same age now when she died was incredibly confronting for him. And also very, very valuable.

A reportage was made of this intimate commemoration, which you can see here.


Drone recordings

To give an impression of this very special field of honor and a picture of the students who perished there, you can see drone footage of this field of honor in the dunes here.

The recordings

Remembrance Full of Life with Minerva Students

Also buried on the National Field of Honor in Loenen are young students who were in the resistance. The student association Minerva asked us if we wanted to give the new students a Remembrance Full of Life experience in their introduction week. Which was very special for them because we told them the stories of the students who had the courage to join the resistance but perished in the process.

Other Projects

On this website we also announce and produce productions that are not commemorations in practice but belong to the ideas of Herdenken Vol Leven. Such as this documentary that will be broadcast on May 4, 2022 at 19.00 on BNN VARA on NPO2.